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From 4 April 2018, as a PCBU with identified asbestos or ACM in the workplace, you are required to have a current asbestos management plan that is regularly updated.  It forms part of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System to identify and control the risks associated with asbestos.


An asbestos management plan covers how the identified asbestos or ACM in the workplace will be managed and, as per the Approved Code of Practice (Management and Removal of Asbestos), must include information about:

> The identification of asbestos and ACM (eg where any signs and labels are located)

> Decisions, and reasons for the decisions, about how the asbestos risks are managed

> Procedures for recording incidents or emergencies involving asbestos in the workplace

> information about the workers carrying out work involving asbestos (eg training, their roles and responsibilities, health monitoring) 

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